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Like most, I was intrigued by Zack when I played the original game, but Crisis Core completely sold me. While the prequel isn't without its issues, I found the expansion of Zack and Aerith's relationship incredibly poignant and all the more heartbreaking. The thing about their relationship is that you know from the start what's going to happen; there is no changing their fates. Yet every time I play Crisis Core or Final Fantasy VII, I find myself wishing I could change what happens to them somehow.

This fanlisting was adopted from Narriman of in 2012; I wish I had been able to give this site the proper treatment back then, but I'm glad to have finally revamped it. I hope to expand this into a small fansite sometime in the future. (You can watch the update blog for news on that front.)

The name of this site was chosen to match after the fire; in this case the rain in question is literal, as the rain at the end of Crisis Core signifies the end for Zack and Aerith, and again in Advent Children.

Resources used in the layout are by dirt2, (defunct),, and subtlepatterns.


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