fragments of memories

My history with Crisis Core can be summarized as follows: in high school I played FFVII, became obsessed with it, and then they made a new game. You can imagine how excited I was. At the time that excitement was to the point that I imported the game and played it in Japanese (a language I don't know) months before it came out in English. I had a problem, and its name was Crisis Core.

I suppose it's a good thing (for me, anyway) that Crisis Core ended up being such a good game. Sure, it has issues — the plot is utterly ridiculous at points and it's hard to go back to the monotony of all those missions these days, to say nothing of the awful camera controls. And yet it's still a game I go back and play every few years, and the ending still makes me really emotional. Zack's story is heartbreaking, and I'm very glad that Crisis Core showed us his journey. It's those feelings that have stuck with me in the years since the game's release.

This fanlisting was opened in April 2008 by Carolyn, who offered to co-own it with me. Some time afterwards the co-ownership passed to myself and Janice, and finally just to me.

The site name, "zero hour," was chosen due to its meaning as a "decisive or critical time." There are multiple situations in Crisis Core where this fits, although personally I see it as something of a countdown to the end of the game.

This is the third or fourth layout for the site; I know it's the third one I've put up but between the various owners I'm no longer sure of the numbering. I wanted to portray Zack's journey over the course of the game, from eager SOLDIER to his time in captivity and the end of the game. Resources used are by namikazes, Lost and Taken, sweettasteofbitter, chaoticroad, and dianasurvive.


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