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I've wanted to make a Cid fansite since I first played Final Fantasy VII in high school. The fact that it took me this long is kind of ridiculous. (For clarification, this was around 2006. I was pretty late getting to the FF series.)

To tell the truth, I had kind of given up on making it. I adopted the fanlisting from Aja of back in January 2008, and was absolutely thrilled, but I could never seem to get going on my grand plans of building a fansite to go with it. See, I never knew what exactly I wanted to say about Cid. He's one of my favorite characters in FFVII, but the fact is that he's a minor character and his story is fairly straightforward. I never knew where to begin with making a site, so I kept putting it off. I fell out of the FFVII fandom entirely for a good few years; my high school infatuation faded, and I moved onto other things.

But in 2013, I replayed the game (...twice) and rediscoved my love of it. The years away had helped me gain a new perspective on it, and, well, some maturity didn't hurt either. And I'd been running this site all that time in between. It was high time to do something about it.

So here we are today.

I like Cid a lot. Like I said on the gameplay page, every time I play the game I end up using him in my party. His character's an absolute riot, and he's always been really interesting to me. FFVII has a wide cast of fascinating characters, but time and time again I find myself coming back to the dragoon turned rocket scientist who lights dynamite with his fucking cigarette. I mean, seriously, Cid, what the hell. You're gonna light yourself on fire one of these days.

To be honest, I can't remember where or how I came up with the site name; it was all the way back in goddamn 2008. Obviously, though, it's a reference to Cid's dream to go out into space. The rest of the Final Fantasy series's Cids are all about airships, but this one is way past that shit. He's gotta go to space.

Resources used in this layout are by so-ghislaine, angryblue, and subtlepatterns. Thanks to Yinza's game script for being an invaluable resource, and FancyBox for the lightbox script.


I'd love to affiliate with other Final Fantasy fansites. Given that they're not as prevalent as they used to be, I'm open to more games than just FFVII. If you're interested, shoot me a line.

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