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hey... did i become a hero?

headshot Name: Zack Fair
Job: SOLDIER, 2nd Class (becomes a 1st Class during Crisis Core)
Age: 16-23 (start to end of Crisis Core)
Weapon: SOLDIER Sword (gets the Buster Sword during Crisis Core)
Height: 5'8" or 6'3" (see below)
Birthdate: Unknown; born during 1984 in the FFVII Calendar
Birthplace: Gongaga
Blood Type: O

Zack's height is a point of contention. His height is given in Crisis Core as 6'3"; however the 10th anniversary Ultimania (official guidebook) lists it as 185cm (about 5'8"). Judge for yourself what the real answer is.

Zack's role in the original game is minimal but of incredible importance. His very existence spoils one of the primary plot twists of Final Fantasy VII; however given that there's now an entire prequel about him, it's hard not to discuss it.

In other words, this is the part where I spoil it, sorry. All hype aside, it's a pretty neat story. You should check it out sometime.

In Final Fantasy VII, the main character, Cloud styles himself a SOLDIER — a member of the elite fighting force. However, those who know his personal history find it doesn't quite add up; the things he says don't quite match up. To make quite a long story short, Cloud's odd behavior is due to his time spent as a experimental subject alongside an actual member of SOLDIER, a guy named Zack. Zack managed to break them out but died in the prolonged escape, and in the process Cloud more or less started believing he was Zack.

It's just as messed up as it sounds, yeah.

Crisis Core, the prequel, details Zack's actual history, covering the seven years up to his death. He's a star of the SOLDIER program, a 2nd Class well on the way to 1st, but things go wrong when a high-ranking member defects and Zack is sent to track him down. This kicks off a string of events in which Zack learns the dirty truths behind the Shinra program, truths that end up with him, well, getting experimented on and eventually killed.

He shows up a couple times after he dies, because FFVII is weird like that.

other appearances

Here's a list of the other Final Fantasy titles Zack has appeared in:

He's been in a few non-Final Fantasy games as well.

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